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im in wonderland

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Jun. 16th, 2006 @ 11:42 am
it is currently 11.50am and im drunk. like really drunk. and thats only coz the alcohol from last night hasnt worn off. which is scary. 

i got the pixies played in the shed and i was sooo happy

listening to the beatles now coz i like them lots. 

What ye listening to?: beatles - beatles for sale

a sad day.. Jun. 15th, 2006 @ 11:12 am
it's an end of en era. after two and a half years of fun, of travels, through bad times and good, our relationship is finally over..

yes, it's true. alice has a new phone!!

haha yes its bye-bye motorola c350 hellooo sony ericsson k510i. (of course i have no idea what these numbers mean but it sounds like i do)

let us put this in context. i got my motorola back in august/september 2003. i was 16. me and the grills had recently returned from salou. we were just starting 6th year. i hadn't started working in pollok house yet. the fact that it had polyphonic ringtones was new!

now i have a camera, mp3, video, bluetooth aww yeah its crazy.

i love it. but my wee motorola will always have a special place in my heart : )


watermelons and jimmy mcd Jun. 12th, 2006 @ 07:08 pm
after work the other day we ate watermelon that had been topped up with vodka. it was ace. we must do it sometime.

saw james mcdonald in spaghettis. spoke to him for a while, was funny.

work is not bad, the sun is nice.

i went to see martin taylor and two other guitaristos that were amazin.

i think i have a very nice back garden that is not being used therefore some evening time sunshine drinking is in order.

im lonely. who wants to come play with me during the day times?


Jun. 5th, 2006 @ 08:17 pm

6/6/6 tomorrow. admiral bar, waterloo st in town near central. 2 plays, 2 bands, £6 doors, 7.15pm.

please come along! plays by andrew and ali, starring such..em..stars as me, stella, neil girvan, patch, some of the hotties in war cry and some newbies.

would be great for people to come along :)


Jun. 5th, 2006 @ 05:56 pm
a while ago i went to the shed on a sunday after drinking and games up hopalong's house first. my friends have connections so we got on guest list, missing a big queue and £6! very busy but very fun night.

then me and matthew had started going out 2 years ago! yas :) was his last uni hand-in date so we spent the day with music students having a barbeque in a west end garden park thing. went to qmu for a while then missed the last bus so walked home.

been rehearsing at ali's and andrew's for plays. saw strath uni concert band in peoples palace. myles gilpin was there. i laughed.

club patch rocked on friday so it did. some faces not seen for a while, much fun.

roomtolet at cobar played fuckin amazingly. gdansk and the band of stuart bryce david edwards and someone were also really good. saw lauren's wee sister briefly.

all in all, good days.


p.s. went into school today with matthew and said hi to some old faces! briefly saw kenny g, talked to mr g smith a bit, saw ms cameron art, ms mccann drama talked to mr miller a bit and talked to ms sinclair a bit. heavy 20 minute long conversation with mr young about his entire life. didnt manage to catch hobnob though the other great teachers were visited.

spent nearly a whole period gossipping with ms mclean in the base. spent the break catching up with mr whittaker and showing off by name dropping every writer ive ever heard mentioned in english ;) chatted to tom donnelly for a while too, he's gonnie be a daddy!! to twins as well. how amazin..and he said he never wanted kids. haha!
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a while ago i went to a good roomtolet gig, had drinks with matthew uni friends, went out for lucy's brithday in edinburgh and nadia's birthday in glasgow.

more recently, right, we went to this cottage right, and it was ace.

it was vaguely near pitlochry and up a hill and is a proper open fire, wooden floor type cottage. me weez lucy nats jenny sam rachel paul arrived sunday and ben arrived tuesday.

we shopped in pitlochry and saw a castle and grounds and had a pub lunch. we also played many hours of racing demons, consequences, stop the bus and general card games.

much alocohol was consumed but very little drunkage occured.

we ate like kings with homemade bread and lots of baking like flapjacks biscuits cookies and scones. at night we had amazing meals coz they're all fuckin chefs.

champagne with breakfast, beer on the train home. steak stuffed with haggis, local ale called braveheart.

it was so much fun!

im so tired

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a lovely man asked me for 6p in shop and i gave it to him and the lovely man gave me bouncy ball in exchange. having had one bottle of magners at the time i played with it in the flat and now can't remember where i put it and its lost.

this makes me sad

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in answer to wan's question of when we finish exams..

fuckin yesterday mate!!

haha yas. sorry. no more rubbing in. i promise. except for right now when im going to tell you all the things i did yesterday.

exam finished 11.30, the experience of which we shall not speak. walked about a bit with rebecca, had a massai lunch and started drinking magners at 12.15 :)

got wkd there too, then on the pear tree to sit in the sun and have a jack d, midori, and a pint of hoegaarden. eventually left pear tree at 5, came home to watch neighbours and phone lovely matthew and have a shower and get ready. went out at 9 to go for a chinese buffet thing for laura's birthday and had a pint of fosters there. me laura weez danni rachel dave kirsty and jonathan.

stopped in the red bull or the black bull or something for a drink. hmm..guessing it was not called the red bull. anyway, got a single vodka lemonade for £2.69.


then eveeentually got to massa and paid £5 to get in, put my coat in, then realised it wasnt to all of our tastes. stayed to wait for danni's friends and make the most of £1 a drink, so i got 3 vodkas in there.

left coz it was rubbish and taxied it to stereo, £4 to get in. food + daytime drinking = alice not getting too drunk. so i stopped drinking there. danced a bit, talked a bit. jonathan is apparently my new best friend coz we both have good music taste and dimples.

met jackie in the toilets but forgot to go find her later.

home, water, bed.

today i have done nothing and im fucking proud of it.

now: shower, train, roomtolet.

peace&love xx

p.s. i kept hitting the wrong keys when writing this and sounded kinda irish. when writing 'things' i wrote 'tings' and when writing 'shite' i wrote 'shoite'. haha, i thought it was funny.
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since you all were so pleased with my A, you can all come to the shed on friday xx
» (No Subject)
i got an A for english language assignment! and not just any sort of 70% A, an almighty 84% of an A ooh yes. pleased as punch.

on saturday i went to mayday celebrations on meadows and heard white rappers and a guy screaming poetry and a homeless poem and folk and reggae and i got sunburnt. of course.

me and matthew visited hadi on saturday night and saw jil and patch ever so briefly. callum's even more briefly sunday night then charity mask party soul band at buff club which was amazin.

we have mice and a huge wasp/bee/fly thing and now a leaking kitchen ceiling from the people upstairs who talk loudly behind their door then pretend not to be in when you knock.

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